INSTALL’s mission is to ensure the continued health and prosperity of the North American floorcovering industry, to demonstrate commitment to quality installations and to enhance the industry’s reputation.

Why Join Us

A union installer has the opportunity to work for fair wages and benefits. Our workers are under a contract. They know when they are going to receive raises and how much they will be earning, because their wage is established through collective bargaining.

Our members benefit from high wages, world-class benefits and the resources developed in the course of over a hundred years of experience in the construction trades. Membership offers an impressive wage and fringe benefit package. This includes your hourly wages, a Health and Welfare Plan, a Union Pension Program and a Carpenter’s Savings Plan. Accommodating wage adjustments are made for overtime and holiday work.

If you’re an apprentice, you achieve regular pay raises as you learn your trade; full Union Mechanics receive dependable, generous wage increases according to your Union contract. Our contract ensures fair wages, hours and working conditions and promotes good relations between you, the Union Craftsman and your employer. This contract guarantees a mutually beneficial work environment and a multi-year agreement.

With the Union at your side, you may plan for the future with confidence. Work smart, grow in your industry, maximize your potential and build a rewarding future as a Floor Layer. Become a member of INSTALL Local 2287 a division of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.

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