INSTALL’s mission is to ensure the continued health and prosperity of the North American floorcovering industry, to demonstrate commitment to quality installations and to enhance the industry’s reputation.

Manufacturer Testimonials

The high-quality work performed by INSTALL mechanics remains unparalleled in the floorcovering industry — and industry major manufacturers acknowledge the difference. Here’s what major mills and manufacturers endorsing INSTALL have to say:

“All Purpose Adhesives Company (APAC) and Premier Carpet Seaming Products are pleased to work in partnership with INSTALL to provide ongoing training and quality education to the professional work force. In a world of continuous change affecting installation, an educated and motivated work force ensures the profitability of our industry. A professional work force will be our industry’s assurance that our customers are completely satisfied with the finished product. We support INSTALL’s corporate goals.”


“INSTALL provides the kind of training the flooring industry needs to ensure that the job is installed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.”

Bruce Newbrough, Manager of Technical Services

“We wholeheartedly embrace the INSTALL concept of a comprehensive, in-depth training program that must live up to stringent national standards. Its ability to be delivered at fully equipped, dedicated, modern facilities throughout North America only makes it that much more dependable.”

Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

“Beaulieu of America recognizes the importance of installer training and industry standards – the quality of the installation has an enormous effect on customer satisfaction. We fully support INSTALL’s efforts to ‘raise the bar’ and produce a trained professional workforce.”

Gary Bennett, Eastern US. Field Technical Manager
Beaulieu of America

“INSTALL takes the challenges of our fast-paced industry and responds with training that keeps installers on the cutting edge.”

Ron Loffredo, Manager of Technical Services
Chicago Adhesive Products Company

“Couristan fully supports the training standards established by INSTALL. We recognize the importance of a quality installation and commend INSTALL for providing the industry with well-trained professionals.”

Catch Molina, Senior Vice President, Contract Division

“Training and education helps ensure quality installation and customer satisfaction. DEPENDABLE is proud of its alliance with INSTALL and shares its dedication of providing a well trained work force.”

DEPENDABLE Floor Products

“Particularly when specifying patterned carpet, the quality of the installation is as critical as the choice of carpet specification. Because of INSTALL’s commitment to produce highly trained craftsmen who consistently provide quality installation, it has earned our support.”

John Reader, General Manager
Desso Carpets USA, Inc.

“New products and processes are continually being introduced to the U.S. market, making it difficult for contractors and flooring installers to keep up with the changing technology. To solve this problem, Install has developed a world-class training curriculum at its local facilities. These programs enable contractors and flooring distributors to stay current with the latest products and solutions around the country. These programs are ideal for an innovative company like Drytek which is continually developing and improving existing products for the marketplace.”

Terry Cotton, President
Drytek Flooring Solutions

“FlashCove Prefabricated Bases Inc. have a lot of faith in the INSTALL approach to training. Their training centres are equipped with professional trainers and the proper tools to ensure that the next generation of installers are the best they can be. This is a winning combination and long overdue. We are honoured to be involved with an organization with such foresight.”

Brenda Puckering, General Manager
FlashCove Prefabricated Bases Inc.

“Forbo recognizes the caliber of training provided by the INSTALL program and appreciates INSTALL’s dedication to including manufacturer representatives in the curriculum development process. We are proud to be part of the INSTALL alliance.”

Frank Wiggins, Technical Services Manager
Forbo Linoleum

“Graf Brothers Flooring has chosen to become an alliance member of INSTALL because Graf Brothers Flooring acknowledges the importance of the professional training standards INSTALL sets forth to the floor covering installation industry. Like the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association), which sets the “Professional Conduct” standards for all facets of the wood flooring industry, including installation and finishing; INSTALL sets forth those same types of standards in the installation training process for all types of flooring? As well as the importance of starting with a high level quality product, Graf Brothers Flooring believes that the installation training standards that INSTALL is conveying to the flooring industry is an utmost critical element in the longevity of the floor and ultimate satisfaction of the end user.”

Jeff Crump, Marketing
Graf Brothers Flooring & Lumber

“Our partnership with INSTALL ensures that floorcovering professionals in this industry are equipped with the skills that are necessary to install J&J Industries’ products properly and efficiently.”

J&J Industries

“Johnsonite recognizes the importance of a structured, comprehensive training program to educate and train professional installers. With the construction of the newly opened training facility in Las Vegas and the established network of facilities across the country, the INSTALL program is well positioned to provide the proper training to professionals in the flooring industry.”

Don Styka, Senior Technical Specialist

“INSTALL is the only installation training program that actually educates and instructs apprentices or seasoned installers in the intricacies and technologies of floor covering installation. It is the most professionally operated and most comprehensive installation training program available. In my opinion, it is the pre-eminent vehicle addressing installation in the industry. No one has taken the initiative to train installers like INSTALL. I endorse this program 100%.”

Lew Migliore, President
LGM & Associates Technical Flooring Services

“Mannington has a long history of supporting training for installation professionals. INSTALL has designed an installation training program that is broad in scope, sustainable and practicable. We applaud their efforts and insightfulness.”

Terry Fitzpatrick, National Installation Services Manager
Mannington Mills, Inc

“Quality, professionalism and training go a long way in such a dynamically changing industry like ours. MAPEI has built its business around these three elements and we are proud to support an organization like INSTALL, which shares the same philosophy.”

Dave Hamilton, Regional Sales Manager — NW Region

“Milliken Carpet strongly supports any effort made to upgrade and increase not just the skills of the individual installer but the numbers of qualified installers available to the industry. These men and women are on the ‘sharp end’ of the flooring sales process and have a tremendous impact — positive or negative — on that process. As has been said many times — ‘Carpet is an INSTALLED product.’ The same can be said of all flooring products. Neither our product nor any other manufacturer’s product can provide our customers the value engineered into it without the efforts of a skilled, professional and educated installer. INSTALL is, to my knowledge, the only organization that is creating new installers in a focused, funded and manufacturer-approved manner. Organized apprenticeship programs have been around for years operating in somewhat of a vacuum. INSTALL has raised these programs to the next level by proactively seeking and incorporating the input of the manufacturers of the various flooring products into the basic skills modules that the individuals being trained must pass before becoming an INSTALL qualified craftsman. Milliken applauds this effort and supports INSTALL as the vehicle of choice for acquiring the basic skills required to be a professional flooring mechanic.”

Milliken Carpet

“Impax is pleased to establish an alliance with INSTALL. Through its focus on training, quality and safety INSTALL demonstrates a genuine commitment to the future of the floor covering industry.”

Rob Rothfuss, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales

“We’re confident that INSTALL is a benefit to the total industry.”

Robert T. Zajdel, Vice President and General Manager
Orcon Corporation

“INSTALL has become an excellent tool for ‘easier training.’ Today, with time being an issue for everything we do, INSTALL has found a way to reach those who need information and training in the floorcovering industry.”

Cathy Panagakos, Marketing Director
PARABOND Installation Products

“Pergo, Inc. is pleased to recognize INSTALL’s Certified Floorcovering Program. Providing the floorcovering industry with reliable, thoroughly trained installers is a goal shared by Pergo, Inc. As a laminate flooring manufacturer, we appreciate the opportunity to participate in INSTALL’s technical symposiums and are honored to support the INSTALL program.”

Wayne Johnston, National Training Coordinator
Pergo, Inc.

“In order to perpetuate the flooring industry, we must have qualified training institutions.”

Ray D. Thompson, Jr.
Ray Thompson Floor Covering Institute

“We fully support the INSTALL commitment to raising the installation standards in the floorcovering industry. This program fosters craftsmen who take their responsibility seriously, have pride in their work and strive for excellence in quality installations.”

ROBERTS Consolidated Industries/Q.E.P. Co., Inc.

“We have reviewed in depth the INSTALL program and find it to be superior in all regards. We enthusiastically support this effort.”

Carey R. Mitchell, Director, Technical Services
Shaw Industries, Inc.

“The Southland Group has always supported education and training of flooring installers. The more [installers] understand the importance of proper installation techniques and using today’s new innovative installation products, the less likely we will receive product complaints. This is why Southland supports INSTALL with their comprehensive curriculum, four-year training program and on-the-job training. No other program offers such in-depth training as INSTALL.”

David Boston, President
Southland Flooring Supplies

“At Sponge Cushion, much of our success is directly dependent on the quality of the installation of our TredMOR™, Dubl-STIK™ products. Therefore, we strongly support and encourage the efforts of the INSTALL program to provide the industry with highly trained and professional installers/craftsmen.”

Jake Gregory, Director, Technical Services
Sponge Cushion Inc.

“Tarkett Commercial supports initiatives that are designed to improve the floorcovering industry and we believe that INSTALL is an excellent example of a program that strives to raise industry standards. We are proud to be part of the INSTALL alliance.”

John Kozak, Installation Services
Tarkett Commercial

“We believe very strongly in the work that INSTALL is doing to provide quality, long-term training and business development for their members. INSTALL is truly in a class by itself as an ongoing resource for the development of their members. It is a pleasure being associated with their directors and members.”

Keith Papulski, General Manager
Taylor Tools

“Tek Stil Concepts, Inc. applauds the INSTALL training program. The success of our high technology flooring products can only be assured with trained installation professionals. More than ever Installers must be educated in the complex interaction that sub-floor conditions, moisture levels, adhesive choice and correct workmanship dictate for state-of-the art flooring products. The INSTALL training program assures the quality of installation.”

Juergen F Bahlo, President
Tek Stil Concepts, Inc.

“Ulster recognizes INSTALL’s dedication to raising the standards of the floorcovering industry through its comprehensive training program. The INSTALL concepts of training and professionalism are consistent with Ulster’s dedication to quality and therefore we are proud to be an active member in the INSTALL alliance.”


“Wagner Electronics fully supports the INSTALL commitment to providing floor covering professionals with an in-depth, comprehensive training program that’s essential to successful installations.”

Wagner Electronics

“There have been many changes in floorcoverings over the past 20 years. New flooring products, new high-performance carpet backings, new concrete repair products and environmentally friendly adhesives are only some of the changes we have seen over the years. The floorcovering industry needs installers who have been properly trained to use and install these new products. INSTALL is an organization that is partnering with the flooring industry to train installers to do it right the first time through a four-year intensive training program. The W.F. Taylor Company is proud to partner with INSTALL. The manufacturers are improving the quality of our products and we look to INSTALL to improve the quality of the installer and to increase the number of qualified installers. Together, we will have a quality installation.”

W.F. Taylor Company

“XL Brands unconditionally endorses and embraces the philosophy that INSTALL represents! Effective and available installation training can only impact the entire industry in a positive manner.”

XL Brands

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