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Carpet is the most popular floor covering in the world and dates back to 500 B.C. Today’s customer is faced with hundreds of styles and thousands of patterns to choose from. To make an informed carpet purchase, key considerations include where the carpet will be used and who will be the primary users. A retired couple can purchase a very different carpet for the same room that a family of four with two pets should buy.

Carpet textures include combinations of loop and cut piles. Textures, velvets, saxonies and many more styles are available for every type of flooring customer. When choosing a carpet style, keep an eye on the manufacturer’s warranties and the product’s stain and wear history. Generally, the smaller the pile of carpet, the easier it will be to remove dirt from the surface when cleaning.
Also, the range of colors can be mind-boggling. To start, remember that dark colors are great to create a comforting effect, while light colors can give the illusion of a larger room. Medium colors are great for high-traffic areas because they can help hide everyday soil.
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