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Carpet is the ticket for achieving the warmth, comforting atmosphere desired in most residential structures. Commercial units, too, achieve desired assets by utilizing carpet, such as quiet walking surfaces and budget-conscious decorating. The variety of styles, textures, patterns and designs allows for carpet to meet the needs of most any residential or commercial project. Beyond appearance, carpet addresses and solves problems relating to functionality, stain-resistance and environmental standards. Carpet should be your material of choice if you are looking for:

  • A Quiet Walking surface
  • A soft feel to bare feet
  • Additional insulation
  • A cover-up of permanent problems in hardwood or other original floors
  • An affordable floor covering choice
  • A variety of choices in colors, textures and patterns
  • Easy maintenance in your floor covering

Common Styles

Because of the vast difference present in the carpet industry, it is important to have a grasp on the various types of carpet available when you are selecting the style that’s right for your project. There are a variety of styles and textures. The most popular styles follow:

  • Plush: It’s soft, textured and popular in residential projects because of its versatility. It is generally more casual in nature.
  • Saxony: This style is used to portray a more formal, elegant look and is used most often in formal living rooms and dining rooms.
  • Residential berber: For family rooms, game rooms or basements, the loop pile berber is able to offer a forgiving surface in high-traffic areas, so that every footprint or speck of lint doesn’t show. The cut pile variety is more plush in nature and has a more cushioned feel, but likewise is able to offer a busy area a forgiving surface.
  • Commercial berber: It’s easy to see the difference between commercial and residential berber. The commercial variety is designed for heavy foot traffic and have a more institutional, professional appearance to its styles.

Buying Tips

  • Fitting in: Make sure the style, pattern and texture will fit with the environment it will be placed into.
  • Doing its job: The carpet should be able to handle its “customers” — the men, women, pets, children, customer and employees who will walk over it every day.
  • Protecting the wallet: Buying the actual carpet is only one component of the project. Be sure to consider installation and then maintenance costs.

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