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Laminate flooring is taking the flooring industry by storm because of its durability and affordability. Originally making its debut in Europe, laminate floors can look like the exact twin to wood, ceramic tile and stone floors. But what looks like wood or stone is actually a photograph under a strong plastic laminate, all supported by strong wood composite.

Customers can find laminate in plank flooring for wood appearances, or tiles for the stone or ceramic tile look. A wide variety of styles, colors, textures and prices can accommodate every taste and budget. Installation is based on joining sections together, which creates a strong, solid surface. A foam mat, or “underlayment,” cushions a laminate floor from beneath, giving it the nickname of “the floating floor.”

Laminate floors are great choices for high traffic and busy structures, because it’s tough to scratch or dent a laminate floor and fading is not a threat, making its wear less noticeable than hardwood.

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