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The first thing to remember is that resilient is vinyl and vinyl is resilient. The names each refer to the same, hard surface that is the most popular hard surface in America. The various shapes, colors, designs and sizes are sold in tile and large rolls. Resilient styles range from vinyl tile or sheet, linoleum tile or sheet, rubber tile or sheet and vinyl composition tile. Resilient is affordable, durable, moisture resistant and easy to clean. No surprise, that resilients are popular choices for homeowners, landlords and commercial structure developers.

Homeowners typically choose a resilient for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as entryways and foyers. Those prone to allergies benefit from a resilient floor because dust can not be trapped on the smooth, hard surface.

Commercial developers rely on resilient flooring for high traffic sites such as hospitals, retail outlets and schools. Attributes that cause resilients to be the best choice for commercial settings include the ease of disinfecting, which increases sanitary conditions. A history of long performance makes resilients good choices for areas prone to tough traffic, such as dormitories, restaurants, grocery stores and public restrooms.

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