INSTALL’s mission is to ensure the continued health and prosperity of the North American floorcovering industry, to demonstrate commitment to quality installations and to enhance the industry’s reputation.

Selecting the Right Contractor

There are many, many men and women who claim to be floor covering installers. Contractors in the NY City area hire good installers and bad installers and those who manage to make a living and are at best mediocre. Don’t settle for anything but the best for your project.

The contractors of INSTALL NYC employ installers who have been trained in a multi-year, exhaustive apprenticeship program provided by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. These installers advance through this nationally acclaimed program only after achieving mastery of each skill block. Only the most competent flooring contractors are able to be members of INSTALL NYC. Click here to find a contractor near you.

The characteristics of a superior contractor include:

  • A comprehensive knowledge of the materials being installed
  • The willingness to guarantee his or her work
  • The ability to put their services in writing in easy-to-understand language, including terms of payment
  • An accurate cost estimate for project
  • A realistic time estimate to get the project completed
  • Authentic references — at least three that relate to the materials of your job (carpet, hardwood, etc.)
  • Good business skills — phone calls returned, letterhead is used, communication is professional

Installers working for a superior contractor have these traits:

  • Professional appearance
  • Prompt arrival on the job site
  • Good communication skills
  • Leaving the jobsite cleaner than they found it

All of these characteristics are present with INSTALL NYC contractors. Don’t take a chance with your flooring project, click here to get the best contractors available in your area.

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