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For those seeking the natural look, nothing compares to hardwood floors. Hardwoods are durable and able to perform better than any other flooring product. Although hardwood flooring can get expensive, the lifespan of a good hardwood floor can last for decades, compared to an average of ten years for carpeting. In the long run, hardwood is a great investment.

Hardwoods are easy to care for and can be installed in all of the primary living areas of any home, except the bathroom. Other advantages of hardwood flooring include its environmentally friendly makeup and its ability to increase the value of a home or office. Hardwoods also are great for those who have allergies, since it doesn’t hold dust like other flooring. And, wood flooring gives a little underfoot, making it easier on those who must stand for long periods of time.

When purchasing hardwood, understand that you have a wide range of colors and grains to choose from. For instance, it’s important to know the difference between red and white oak, the two most common wood products. White oak is denser and used for high traffic areas. Red oak is more expensive, however and sports a trendy pinkish tone.

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