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Contractor Spotlight - Sherland & Farrington

Contractor Spotlight

Special Thanks to Sherland & Farrington for:

  1. Being the first Company to do approximately 20 floors at 7 World Trade Center (Ground Zero).
  2. Implementing the language of the C.B.A. in regards to INSTALL certification.
  3. For inviting Local Union 2287 to your sale office to present the INSTALL marketing initiative to your sales staff. Hopefully they will be able to promote the INSTALL initiative to the design build community.

Special Thanks to all who were able to attend the INSTALL presentation.

· Dwayne Sherland, President

· Darren Sherland, Vice President

· Art Post Sales Manager

· Robert Capano

· John Kinnaird

· Gus Kratsios

· Ross Langhorne

· Andy Elias

· Kevin Gerber

· Jessica Digirolamo

· Tom Fahy

· Jim Baier

· Joel Nemic

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