INSTALL’s mission is to ensure the continued health and prosperity of the North American floorcovering industry, to demonstrate commitment to quality installations and to enhance the industry’s reputation.


Free Axez USA Joins INSTALL Alliance

FreeAxez USA is the newest endorser of the International Standards and Training Alliance (INSTALL).

FreeAxez USA is a supplier of low-profile, raised floor and access floor systems for wire management and cable management. A patented all steel, quick-connect low profile metal carpet tile, the FreeAxez product is installed without tools and can be laid in place and fully wired in a few days. This access floor system can be removed or changed at any time thereafter to provide maximum flexibility.

As part of their endorsement of the INSTALL program, FreeAxez USA’s technical and education experts will help steer the curriculum of INSTALL, to make sure what is currently needed in the field is being taught at INSTALL training centers throughout the United States and Canada. In fact, representatives from FreeAxez USA are already holding installation training seminars at INSTALL training centers and INSTALL contractor shops around the country.

“FreeAxez is a cutting-edge product, so it is a natural fit for this company to join the INSTALL alliance,” said INSTALL Director John McGrath.

INSTALL was created through the United Brotherhood of Carpenters to address the shortage of properly trained flooring installers. The program’s goal is to improve the skill level of workers in order to meet industry demands. The INSTALL curriculum is developed through input provided by installation and education experts at leading mills and manufacturers and through a labor-management committee of veterans with a combined 450 years of experience.

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