INSTALL’s mission is to ensure the continued health and prosperity of the North American floorcovering industry, to demonstrate commitment to quality installations and to enhance the industry’s reputation.

Health Care

The health care industry includes not only hospitals, but also rehabilitation and mental health centers, senior care facilities and research laboratories. Unmatched skills are crucial, for both implementation of design and attention to high technology. Flashcoving is a skill not for the faint of heart. The smallest flaw can mean devastating results in germ-free environments. Floors must be installed completely level, through the use of laser transits, to accommodate delicate equipment. And experience with non-conductive flooring is a must, so that it is installed to repel electrical static. Or, rubber flooring may need to be placed all the way up to the ceiling. Regardless of material or biomechanical constraints, INSTALL NYC mechanics are experienced to handle the assignment.

Representative Work

  • Hospitals
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Clinics
  • Research Laboratories
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